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Please take a look at my current availability before requesting your order below. Lead time varies based on the time of year but at least 1 week's notice is required. If you request a Custom Order with less than the required week's notice and I am able to accept it then a Rush Fee will be added based on the day of your order confirmation (details are decided and invoice is being sent). If the calendar shows that I am booked, feel free to reach out anyways as I may be able to squeeze you in but, you will be charged a Rush Fee as well. Rush Fees are determined by a sliding scale based on how short notice the request is:

5-7 days' notice: 20% fee

3-4 days' notice: 35% fee

1-2 days' notice: 50% fee

I am very transparent about pricing, availability etc. so PLEASE, review the tabs on this website and confirm that my availability and pricing align with your needs before placing an order! It takes 20+ hours per week to respond to emails and having to take the time to respond to questions that are laid out on my website takes away from the amount of orders that I can manage.


The minimum number of cookies for a Custom Order is 2 dozen (must be within same theme/designs, you aren't able to do 2 separate themes of 1 dozen each), unless you are wanting fully printed cookies. The minimum for fully printed cookies is 1 dozen. If you are requesting a bulk order (over 100 cookies), at least 2 weeks' notice is required. Bulk orders are packaged in large bakery boxes by the 100 unless requested otherwise. Please provide the following information and we'll get back to you to discuss your order as soon as possible.


THE DAY THAT YOU CHOOSE ON THE ORDER FORM BELOW IS THE DAY YOUR ORDER WILL BE READY- it is very rare that I can accommodate early pickups as I take a maximum number of orders per day so make sure you choose the date you need them in your hands and not the date of the event (if those happen to be the same day, that's totally fine). 

View other Store Policies Here. 



After almost 6 years of my accidental "finsta"-turned-full-time small business, it is bittersweet for me to announce that I will be stepping away. We've been through 3 houses + a commercial kitchen, over 100,000 cookies made, over 20,000 hours spent making them, and thousands of faithful customers that this wouldn't have been possible without. It has truly been such a fun and wild ride, but I've learned all that I can and am ready for the next chapter of my life. May 24th will be my last day and we'll definitely be having a lil celebration at the kitchen!!

With all of this being said, we will not be accepting orders for the month of June while we work through a transition into what's next for us! We will gladly continue to pencil in orders for July and on and keep you updated constantly.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the continuous support and love you've shown us over the years- I will truly miss the thousands of customer relationships that I've built on this journey. 

Request a Custom Order

Please do not use a Hotmail email as almost all of my emails are sent straight to their spam/junk folders.

*This calendar is just to show my Custom Order Availability and does not affect filling out the order request form. If viewing on a mobile device, the dots mean that we are either booked or closed so please choose a day that is blank (you can click on the dots to read what they are exactly).

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