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The perfect gift to add to your graduation festivities! These cookies are baked and iced the same way as all of our other cookies, but the details are fully printed directly onto the icing (no sugar sheets are used) using an edible printer. This set comes in a half-dozen or full dozen set. You can choose any of the designs in the photo- there is no limit!


EXAMPLE: if you select 1/2 dozen then you can choose 6 different designs. If you select a full dozen, you can choose all 10 designs plus 2 duplicates. You do not have to include a photo or a print of the school, you are free to choose any amounts of the designs from the photo. If you are wanting to use a photo, I will reach out via email to get that from you!

Printed UGA Graduation Set

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  • This item is only available for pickup or delivery from May 1st through May 17th. Please list the DAY AND TIME you'd like to pick them up in the section of your Cart titled "LIST PICKUP DATE". Keep in mind I am closed Saturday and Sunday so be sure to choose a date/time between 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday!

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